Inspections, Maintenance, Emergencies & Improvements

 Each year Setting Lake’s roads are inspected and evaluated to ensure that the road network remains in good condition. Deficiencies are noted. Urgent and important repairs and upgrades are prioritized, and the work is done as funds, equipment and manpower are available.

Last year SLCOA funded a special infrastructure project to improve Setting Lake’s entire road network. The contractor laid road base material (also known as road rock, road gravel, aggregate base, etc.) and graded new crowns to allows storm water to be shed and keep roadbeds in good condition.

Road Coordinator, Chris Smook, SLCOA road reps, and volunteers clear road brush, check ditches, clear snow, and handle emergencies such as plugged culverts, washouts and potholes.

Road Repairs - Road 1 2020

Luke Robinson, Ron Eastman & Brent Merkley on the packer
Brent Merkley, Blanche & Gord Parsons
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