President’s Annual Report 2022 AGM

Setting Lake Cottage Owners Association President’s Annual Report

July 30, 2022

Thanks to everyone for attending today’s meeting as it was rescheduled from our usual time in May due to my knee surgery. Also, thanks to the rest of the executive and individuals for stepping up while I was recovering.

This is our first time that we are holding the AGM at our fire hall. The plan going forward is to utilize the fire hall for our AGM and other events. Since our last AGM on Sept 12, 2021, Covid-19 restrictions have decreased. This allowed us to have regular executive meetings and carry on a more normal way of doing things. We are posting our executive minutes on our Setting Lake website and encourage members to visit this site as this is, and will be, our preferred method of communicating to our members.

As usual, a big thank you to all the volunteers that help out with road maintenance, garbage pick-up, grooming and construction of trails, landfill clean-up, maintaining our website, organizing immunization sessions, and so on. Also, everyone on the executive is a volunteer so before you criticize and make a negative comment ask yourself what have you contributed to Setting Lake?

I am going to keep this short as Donna Henry and Harold Smith have an important presentation to make. A big thank you to Donna and Harold from the executive for researching and drafting the proposed new bylaws.

The executive has decided to maintain the annual levy for 2023, which you are just being billed for now, at the current amount of $500.00 per lot. This will be our third year without an increase, and this will need to be addressed in future as our infrastructure is over 35 years old.

Here are some of the highlights that have happened since our last AGM on September 12, 2021.



2,000 square meters of A-base for road maiontenance.

One new lawnmower for grounds maintenance at the landfill

$6,000 of alum (aluminum sulfate) that was applied to the lagoon to remove phosphates so cell number 2 could be safely discharged into the environment. Discharged cell 2.

Concrete pads to repair and extend the boat launch.

Two chain saws for Setting Lake Fire Department. The chain saws will be used at structural fires to remove trees that are too close to buildings.

A booster that enables Internet access and cell phone service at the fire hall.

 A computer projector for presentations at SLCOA meetings..


We received a huge donation of new and slightly used safety gear for our fire department. This will greatly improve the safety of our volunteers. The donor wishes to be kept anonymous, but we greatly appreciate this donation.

Landfill and Lagoon

Our landfill and lagoon were inspected by Manitoba Sustainable Development staff. Overall, it is a very good report, other then our household waste area. The area contains far too many items that should not be there such as plastic and glass containers of all types, building materials, metals and so on. Material in the household waste area needs to be buried, resulting in a premature lifespan of this area.

We have hired another worker for our landfill, and welcome Aaron Hornick. Both Zach and Aaron have been doing a very good job in maintaining the landfill grounds. But we, as adults, should be setting the example for these young men and not trying to hide or put materials in areas that do not belong there. Take your recyclables to the recycling center and do not expect others to do this for you.

We have seen an increase of materials and garbage being dropped off on our roads and sites. This results in extra costs and work for our association. If known, these individuals should be reported to the proper authorities.

Fire Department

The executive appointed Jeff Henry as interim Fire Chief.

We implemented a new rapid-response call-out system for the volunteer Fire Department (Dispatchme).

I probably have forgotten some things or people to thank so I apologize in advance.


SLCOA President

Joe Correia

SLCOA Gold Sponsor