Plowing & Grading

Plowing & Grading

 Only SLCOA’s Road Coordinator and President are authorized to award contracts for access road grading and snow plowing services for the association.

Contractors’ whose equipment damages an access road (i.e. ruts) are expected to repair it, returning the road to its original condition. In 2020, MB Hydro reimbursed SLCOA $1200 for damage associated with work on the power line.

Winter Parking & Winter Plowing

SLCOA is committed to keeping roads as clear as possible throughout the winter.

But we are all responsible for ensuring the safety of other drivers and timely access for emergency response vehicles.

We want our roads cleared of snow quickly but nothing slows down the work of snow plows more than vehicles parked on the road. These vehicles pose an obstacle to snow-clearing activities, making it dangerous and sometime impossible to clear roads properly.

  • Vehicles must be off the road during snowstorms and when plowing is scheduled.

  • Do not store personal equipment close to the access road.

  • Do not push, blow or shovel snow from your property onto the access road, creating an obstacle for others to drive over.

  • Make sure that the Mount Everest snow pile at the end of your driveway doesn’t block visibility.

  • Keep turnaround areas clear.

  • Do not store personal equipment to close to the road.

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