The primary mission of the SLFB is to provide fire protection for approximately 200 cottages at Setting Lake. Protection is limited to containment, ensuring fire does not spread from a structure either to the forest or to another structure, or from the forest to a structure.

Fire takes a terrible toll on families and the financial losses can be staggering. Setting Lake’s fire department is accredited and recognized by the insurance industry, resulting in lower insurance premiums for cabin owners.

The fire hall, named in honour of the former Member of Parliament, Cecil M. Smith, who started the fire department, is located at the divide on Road 2. Inside, the fire trailer is ready to go on a moment’s notice, packed with a ladder, generator, lighting, hoses, portable pumps and other firefighting tools and equipment. Fire pumps, fuel, and hoses are stored at strategic locations along the roads, easily identifiable in marked barrels and small blue huts. Follow the link to the pump location map.

It takes a special person to be a firefighter. The roughly forty firefighters are talented individuals with a wide variety of skills. They are all volunteers; they are not paid to fight fires, train or practise.

Follow the links to find out how to report residential and brush/forest fires, and how to become a volunteer fighter.

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