Snow Plow Notification

The roads will be plowed once our contractor is available from other commitments. We currently do not have a set time but it will probably be done on Wednesday or Thursday  ( March 6,7). Arrangements have bee done to keep the center lane clear for traffic travel. In the meantime, please do your part and do not plow, shovel, or blow snow from your property onto the roads. Also please keep roads free of equipment.


We have had a few close incidents with traffic and heavy machinery working on the roads. When approaching any heavy equipment, please make sure that the operator is aware that you are close by and please slow down. I am at a loss why we have to tell people to slow down when the speed limit on the roads is 30km an hour. As mentioned we have had a few close calls. All have been due to excess speed and the operator not aware that a vehicle was close by .

I am sure that we are all in agreement that no one wants to see anybody get hurt!!!


Thanks for your attention to this matter.


President Joe Correia, for SLCOA Board of Directors


SLCOA Gold Sponsor

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