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SLCOA 2022 Annual General Meeting – Photo Credit: Hugh Fraser

SLCOA’s 2022-23 Board of Directors


Joe Correia

Vice President

Harold Smith


Jenn Thackery


Lindsay Anderson

Landfill Coordinator

Jacek Hornick

Roads Coordinator

Chris Smook

Fire Chief

Jeff Henry

Road 1 Rep 1

Luke Robinson

Road 1 Rep 2

Brent Merkley

Road 2 Rep 1

Rick Leger

Road 2 Rep 2

Harold Smith

Road 3 Rep 1

Chris Smook

Road 3 Rep 2

Darren Pulak

Road 4 Rep

Jeremy Sraybash

Change was in the air at the Setting Lake Cottage Owners Association’s (SLCOA) Annual General Meeting on Sunday, July 31 as members voted unanimously to amend the by-laws that regulate how the association operates.

The changes address gaps in SLCOA’s 1992 Operating Practices, which the new by-laws replace and bring the by-laws into compliance with provincial legislation governing corporations. And while the Operating Practices were written in standard legal language of the day, simpler wording in the new by-laws makes them much easier for those of us who aren’t lawyers to understand.

Vice President Harold Smith presents SLCOA’S new by-laws  Photo credit: Hugh Fraser

Members review SLCOA’s new by-laws  Photo credit: Hugh Fraser

The changes expand and more clearly define members’ rights, privileges, and obligations. They also reflect the association’s new corporate structure. Here’s what you need to know.

  • As SLCOA is now a registered Manitoba corporation, the former “Executive” has been replaced by a Board of Directors that run the corporation’s day-to-day operations.

  • Five new positions, formerly held by the president and/or road reps have been added to the Board – Vice President, Treasurer, Landfill Coordinator, Roads Coordinator, and Fire Chief. All positions, including the Secretary, who was previously appointed, are elected from among the members.

  • The association’s roles are expanded to include environmental protection, and encouraging environmental stewardship and responsible cottage ownership. SLCOA continues to perform its original roles – to advocate for Setting Lake cottage owners; to liaise with governments, agencies, and businesses that serve the subdivision; and to provide basic municipal services.

  • Eligibility for SLCOA membership is more clearly defined. Membership is land-based, rather than cottage-based. It identifies that individuals who either own or lease land in the subdivision are eligible for membership.

  • Rights, privileges, and obligations are expanded and more clearly defined. SLCOA members are entitled to receive notice, attend and vote at all general membership and board meetings; to hold office, if over the age of eighteen; and receive services that the association provides.

  • There are two important changes to voting practices at membership meetings.

    • There is one Voting Member for each property. For clarity, if a property has more than one member, only one will be designated as the “Voting Member”. A voting paddle will be issued to the voting member for the purpose of recording votes in a show of hands.

    • Cottage owners must show their receipt for the current annual service levy as proof of membership in order to vote.

  • SLCOA employees and contractors may require cottage owners to provide a receipt for the annual service levy for services rendered.

  • A Member’s rights and privileges will be suspended for non-payment of the annual cottage levy on the renewal date of any given year.

For more details visit: and click on “By-laws”.

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