2022 Annual General Meeting Notice

A reminder to everyone that Setting Lake Cottage Owners Association’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 1:00 pm at the CEC Smith Firehall on Road 2.

All cottager owners are invited. We hope you can make it – your input is important.

The main agenda items are:

  1. A presentation of proposed amendments to the association’s by-laws, which have not been updated since 1986. As SLCOA is now a registered not-for-profit corporation, several of the amendments are needed to comply with the Manitoba Corporations Act. Others reflect the evolution of the association over the past quarter century.

  2. We encourage members to review the proposed changes to the by-laws and bring your questions/comments to the meeting.

  3. 2021-22 Annual Operational and Financial Reports

  4. Election of 2022 Board of Directors

SLCOA is looking for a few talented folks who are willing to share their passion for and commitment to Setting Lake by joining the team and serving a two-year term. Vacant positions are listed in the attached agenda.

Setting Lake Clottage Owners Association board advocates for and promotes the interests of Setting Lake cottage owners. It represent the interests of cottage owners on matters that affect all of us by liaising with provincial and federal governments, the RCMP, Manitoba Hydro, telecommunications providers, other agencies, and businesses that serve the subdivision.

The association provides basic services, including road and landfill maintenance, and fire protection within the cottage subdivision.

It encourages environmental stewardship and responsible cottage ownership.

For further information, email president@settinglake.ca.



Jose Correia



SLCOA Gold Sponsor

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