Fireproofing Setting Lake for Wildfire Season

Wildfire emergencies occur without warning. Manitoba Wildfire Service (MWS), the agency responsible for the prevention, detection and suppression of wildfires, works closely with local authorities like Setting Lake Fire Department. On Sunday, June 5, 2022 Regional Fire Technician, Rob Kraychuk lead 30 volunteer firefighters in a practice session, demonstrating how to install and use sprinkler systems to protect the community.

MWS Rob Kraychuk Leads Setting Lake Fire Department Wildfire Training

Wildfire Training Practice

Kraychuk told firefighters that climate change is creating more intense wildfires and that, in a bad season like last summer’s, Manitoba Wildfire Service does not have the human resources and equipment to respond quickly to every wildfire. He said, “Cabin owners living in the Wildland Urban Interface – where cabins are beside or close to the forest need to be ready. A sprinkling system can make the difference between saving your cabin, valuable belongings, and treasured memorabilia.”

A look at the ways that cabins catch fire and burn

An exterior wildfire sprinkler system, designed to wet rooftops, outbuildings, trees, and other fuel, is the best wildfire defense cabin owners can have. It offers protection from wildfire, airborne embers, and chunks of burning wood and other materiel called firebrands. The system is set up in advance of a fire, the cost is relatively low, and it requires minimal equipment and manpower.

An exterior sprinkler system works by breaking the fire triangle. It removes heat, increases humidity, and wets down fuels. Simply put, a sprinkler system provides a moisture barrier that protects cottages and outbuildings, giving crews more time to suppress the fire.

Cabin owners interested in reducing the risk of wildfire damage by FireSmarting their property and/or purchasing and installing a sprinkler system to create a strong fire defense space on your property can contact Fire Chief Jeff Henry at or 204-778-6822.

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