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I have had several complaints about Setting Lake drivers exceeding the 30-kilometer speed limit. Slow down folks! This high-risk behaviour is reckless and potentially fatal.

Drivers – you are sharing the roads with other passenger vehicles, commercial traffic, motorcycles, pedestrians, children, dogs, and wildlife. The last thing we want is to have someone injured or – God forbid – killed because of your irresponsible behavior. Make smart choices. Take Linda’s advice – enjoy the scenery!

According to MPI, speeding is the number one cause of serious traffic collisions. Speed reduces your reaction time and breaking time. This is not debatable, it’s physics!

Speeding not only endangers others. If you hit something that causes you to lose control, you lose that control very quickly. You and your passengers risk being transported to the morgue, as opposed to arriving at your intended destination a few minutes early.

Check it out! The World Health Organization reports that survival rates dramatically increase with lower speeds. There is a 9 in 10 rate of survival if a person is hit by a vehicle travelling at 30 km/h or lower. The survival rate drops to 1.5 in 10 when a vehicle is travelling at 50 km/hr.

The Setting Lake Cottage Owners Association has zero tolerance for this behaviour. If drivers continue to ignore the speed limit, your Executive will ask the RCMP to step up road patrols and enforce the law.

In the meantime, members concerned about speed limit violations should contact the Wabowden RCMP at 204-689-2685 and lodge a complaint.

SCOFFLAW ALERT – In addition to threatening the safety of all road users, speeding can also threaten your wallet.  Manitoba has some of the highest speeding fines in North America. Fines for travelling 10 km/h over the posted speed limit start at $181.50. The fine will also affect your MPI Driver Safety Rating and the price you pay for your licence and vehicle insurance. Speeding can result in license suspensions that range from several months to several years and/or criminal charges for dangerous driving.


SLCOA President

Joe Correia

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