Last week Statistics Canada delivered 2021 Census access codes to every cabin. The access code allows all of us to complete the census form online. On behalf of Setting Lake Cottage Owners Association, I would like to remind members who live at Setting Lake that there are benefits for all of us in having as many people as possible counted.

Here at Setting Lake, we know that the number of permanent residents is increasing every year. Governments use census information on age and population numbers to understand how an area is changing and evaluate community needs.

Setting Lake Cottage Owners Association does not currently receive any government funding; however, your Executive anticipates the 2021 census data will help secure additional funding for the municipal services that the association delivers – road and landfill maintenance, and fire protection.

And there may be other benefits to counting yourself in. We know, for example, that MTS reviewed the 2016 census figures for Setting Lake before they decided to upgrade our internet speed last summer.

You may be wondering what to do if you receive a census letter at both at both your primary residence and at your cabin. Statistics Canada requires a census questionnaire for each dwelling so if your cabin qualifies as a dwelling as defined by Statistics Canada, you will need to complete a full questionnaire for your primary residence and a partial questionnaire for your cabin. You will find the instructions for doing that below.

To be considered a dwelling, your cabin:

  • Must have a source of heat or power.
  • Must have access to a source of drinking water throughout the year.
  • Must provide shelter from the elements with complete and enclosed walls and roof, and by doors and windows that provide protection.

It your cabin meets these three conditions, but you only use it seasonally, indicate on the census form that “zero” people live there. You will then be presented with a list of reasons that no one lives there, and you can choose the best option.

If your cabin does not meet the conditions, Statistics Canada deems it to be a seasonal home and you do not have to complete a second census questionnaire.

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